Which wood is best for interior?

Types of wood for modern interior design Oak wood is perfect for modern furniture and flooring ideas. Beech wood is versatile, durable and beautiful. Pine wood is a cheap and widely available type. Cherry wood is a predominant type of wood for the design and decoration of luxurious interiors.

Before we find treated oak wood, it is oak that impacts us a lot. This noble and strong tree most likely played an important role in our outdoor children's entertainment and can still be found in our garden as a method that blocks the sun and provides shade. That nobility translates with the same force, even when we take her life and set it up in our dining room as table and chairs. It stays there, majestically and patiently, endures the hot pots, the condensation of glasses full of ice and our rebellious elbows that lift our heads after a long day of shopping for hardwood floors.

And when the wine is served, take another moment to appreciate its superiority, since of the 600 species of oak, perhaps one of them has helped to age the wine in an oak barrel structure. Not to mention that the cork in your bottle can also come from oak bark. Now, if only I could think of a more positive use of the acorn, other than as artillery and ammunition used by my friends and family in our teens. Oak wood is commonly used in different types of interior design topics.

It's tough and tough and is available in various shades of red and white. This versatile wood can be used both in furniture manufacturing and in flooring installations. Oak wood has a unique grain pattern that makes it an excellent choice for interior decoration. Cedar is a gorgeous wood with a classic look.

It lends itself very well to the manufacture of furniture and is also widely used as a wall covering. This hardwood has a dark color tone, which means it is well suited to traditional and classic interiors. But we also use this wood expertly in modern and contemporary interiors. Cedarwood also has a natural sweet scent that gives an outdoor touch to the spaces in which it is installed.

Most hardwoods are suitable for the manufacture of furniture, wall and ceiling panels, decoration, picture frames and cabinets; and alder wood is no different. It looks stunning and has subtle grain patterns in a light brown color. Its veins are clearly straighter than hardwoods, such as ash or oak. We use alder wood for all types of custom carpentry projects and our experts can sand and stain it to achieve the desired texture.

This wood looks like birch wood, but is available at half price, making it the perfect choice for creating stylish and affordable interior items. This robust species of wood of Brazilian origin is dark in color and looks similar to Honduran mahogany and black cherry. It is uniform, with straight grains and medium texture, can be sanded and given a unique appearance. We use this wood in our projects for floors, joinery, interior carpentry and turned objects.

The overall look of Lyptus Wood is luxurious and elegant. Walnut wood comes in colors ranging from dark chocolate brown to lighter pale browns and may have darker brown veins. Sometimes it may have a reddish, purple, or gray tint. This decay resistant wood requires some treatment to protect it from insect attacks.

It is ideal for furniture, interior wall panels, turned objects and cabinets. Walnut wood gives a very sophisticated look to interior spaces and is widely used in various features and installations. Essentially, solid wood can be broadly classified as hardwoods and softwoods. In general, hardwoods come from flowering trees such as mahogany, teak, oak or walnut, while softwoods come from conifers such as pine and deodar.

Hardwoods take longer to grow and are denser than soft woods. Hardwoods also have a rougher texture and show a prominent and distinctive natural grain, while softwoods are softer with a lighter grain. Softwoods are easier to work with and are less expensive than hardwoods. Because these trees grow faster, they're also a more sustainable source of solid wood.

However, their lower density means that they are not as durable, so that softwoods are less suitable for high-traffic areas. The most recognizable part of cedar wood is its veins. When you cut the cedar along its vein, you'll see the long, straight ridges that extend from one end to the other in the form of a wave. This makes cedar an incredible choice for a table, as the beautiful pattern will give it a perfect aesthetic that will suit almost any room style.

Cedar has been used for centuries as material for ships and boats. Some people don't prefer teak wood because they think that the dark coloring and rounded veins don't fit well with interior decoration, but that's where they're wrong. If you know how to incorporate colors and patterns into your home, teak will take your decorating game to a whole different level. In addition, teak wood ages incredibly well compared to many other options, as it doesn't scratch or darken as easily as many other types of wood.

In addition, when they get very old, they will acquire a bright silver-gray tone, which will help to further highlight the beauty of the textures and grains. Walnut wood has a brown tone slightly attenuated by a greyish tone, but it is an excellent material for flooring. Walnut has been used for many different types of furniture, such as rocking chairs, dining tables and cabinets. In addition, wood is also quite durable, since it can withstand a lot of friction without breaking or changing color.

While the nut may require a little more rigorous maintenance, its natural beauty is definitely worth it. If you are looking for the highest quality wood coating, Timber 2 U Direct is your best choice. Next to walnut, this is one of the most used woods for furniture and interiors, and it is an affordable option for installing a quality product. Solid wood furniture is highly recommended, as it will last a lifetime and can be easily repainted or repaired.

Walnut is grown in different countries and climates, so it has many different tones and temperaments, but it is often recognized that it is a reliable wood that does not expand or shrink, as other wood would under normal circumstances. Padauk is used for various projects, such as musical instruments and carvings and, more commonly, for the complexities of furniture, since this wood is stronger than oak and can withstand adhesives, making it a durable and lively red wood. From natural solid woods to varieties of artificial artificial wood, there are many options on the market today that make even buying a chair an amazing task. This wood receives a lot of comparisons, one of them being the previous one, Lyptus, which shows that it is a wood worth emulating and there are many valid reasons why it receives brazen compliments.

Teak wood is perfect for furniture that can be polished, although it also works well with varnishes and dyes. This wood is more susceptible to insect attacks, but treating and sealing it gives it some resistance to insects. Paduak wood is a popular material for many different types of furniture thanks to its remarkable color and durability. For the past 15 years, the interior designers at Marshall Erb Design have worked with all types of wood and have the skill, creativity and experience needed to create gorgeous custom carpentry and furniture based on their preferred design concepts and themes.

From furniture to decorative elements and structural frames, opting for solid wood gives you peace of mind because you know you have a beautiful, sturdy and good quality piece. .

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