What wood color is trending?

Blond hardwood floors are a highly versatile shade that complements just about any design style. This tone was very popular in mid-century home design, and today you can find a wide variety of new options that can work very well with the style of your home. The main advantage of choosing blond hardwood floors for your home is that it will add brightness to any room, making even small, dark rooms appear larger. The addition of intense, vibrant colors to wood is gaining popularity and improves the natural grain patterns of wood, while adding fun color trends that show a unique look.

Commonly used in high-traffic areas or spaces that aim to surprise visitors, colorful hardwood floors make a statement and personalize a space. If you've been considering wood for your next DIY or floor remodeling project, check out these 17 unique colors and styles to get an idea of how versatile hardwood floors can be. Your choice of dye and finish can make a difference in the world. Each species of wood has its own beauty and construction characteristics; by finishing the floors with a transparent finish, the natural look of the wood itself simply improves and is protected from wear and tear.

If you ask me, the blond wood look will become the most popular hardwood floor color before you can think of changing it for something new. In general, woods with a naturally dark tone, such as walnut, will be slightly more expensive than naturally lighter wood that is dyed to be dark. Because it's technically authentic wood, engineered wood is extremely durable and looks in almost every trendy wood style. This may sound a little late to you, but self-finished wood gives it a more consistent and professional look than prefinished wood.

Nowadays there are many color options available to choose the right wood floor for a space, not to mention other customizable flooring options, such as texture, gloss and types of wood. You'll see, medium wood often features warmer, more natural tones, giving you the perfect combination of lighter and darker wood. The natural tones similar to those found in raw wood are classic and really show the natural characteristics of the wood. Consider a hardwood floor in any of these colors for your home or business to capture the beauty of wood for itself.

With so many styles and species of wood, and with the many finishes and dye colors available, it's possible to find wood as unique as your DIY project. Reclaimed wood is when they reuse wood from old buildings, barns and deck materials and reuse it (a form of recycling). You'll also spend more on darker, harder woods like cherry, mahogany and walnut than on softer, lighter wood like pine. Hardwood floors are a classic choice, and even with the influx of wood-looking flooring options, there will always be a market for solid wood flooring and engineered wood.

Both solid wood and artificial wood floors are good choices, but which option is best for you depends on a few factors. Like hand-scraped hardwood floors, homeowners love the weathered look of the textures of wire-brushed wood floors.

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