What means contemporary furniture?

Contemporary furniture is furniture that reflects the trends and styles of current popular topics in interior design. This is opposed to a more traditional or classic design style. The contemporary style can also be inspired by other periods and styles of design. Contemporary, on the other hand, means of the moment or of the present.

It's happening right now and it will always happen right now. And that is what defines a style as contemporary. The very definition of contemporary is that it belongs to the present, reflecting the architectural trends that are popular right now. Which means that contemporary furniture designs are constantly changing.

Since its inception in the 70s, contemporary design has continuously evolved. Although to clarify, what was considered contemporary in the 70s is now considered vintage. Modern furniture is usually made from natural materials. These include wood, linen and leather.

Some pieces, such as chairs, will also use polished metal and plastic. The trend towards open spaces continues with furniture, which is usually raised.

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