What is the best way to protect wood furniture?

Usually, during manufacturing, varnish, polyurethane or shellac is applied to the wood to protect the surface. Applying wax or polish protects the manufacturer's finish and helps reduce surface scratches. Wax provides a hard finish and long-lasting protection, does not stain and is more durable than aerosols or polishes. Protect your wooden furniture from stains and heat damage by keeping it covered.

Place tablecloths or individual cloth tablecloths on frequently used tables and always have a supply of coasters nearby. Avoid using individual plastic cups and tablecloths on wooden furniture, as they can stain the surface over time. Painting your furniture allows you to choose colors to complement your outdoor decor and cover any discolored wood. The paint provides good UV protection to the wood and protects it from moisture infiltration.

It will need regular maintenance, so check your furniture once or twice a season and touch up or repaint as needed. Polyurethane, varnish and lacquer are proven sealants with excellent waterproofing properties. They are brushed or sprayed on clean, sanded wood and then allowed to dry completely, before sanding and lightly coating the part. Apply a thin layer of wax to the table with the waxing brush with a movement back and forth in the direction of the wood grain.

Use gentle pressure as you apply the wax to apply it and work in small sections, covering each section before moving on to the next. If you've bought, built, or inherited beautiful outdoor furniture only to see it splinter, crack, and weaken, then you'll know the pain of not fully protecting your wooden outdoor furniture. Quality wood furniture can last a lifetime and is often a treasured heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. While the furniture is still in use, consider rotating it so that your outdoor furniture can spend part of the season in a shaded or protected area.

The preservation of wooden furniture does not have to take long and, above all, involves careful cleaning. Don't place valuable furniture in front of open windows, vents, or fireplaces, as light and heat can damage and fade the wood. Products such as polyurethane, varnish and lacquer are most often used for the protection of wooden outdoor furniture. To renovate old wooden furniture and preserve it for many more years, follow these steps.

Moving furniture to a protected area out of season or when not in use can greatly extend the life of the furniture. Despite your best efforts, sometimes the inevitable happens and your beautiful wooden furniture gets stained. If you want to maintain that natural wood look, you can consider using a clear sealer on your furniture. Follow these tips to care for your wooden furniture and give it the attention it deserves.

When tackling the project of protecting your outdoor wood furniture, you should ensure that you start with strong, healthy furniture. If you take good care of your wooden furniture and treat it well, you'll enjoy its natural beauty and durability for many years to come.

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