What is the best way to display classic furniture styles in my home?

In fact, it's better to stick with neutrals. To ensure that furniture is part of a room, limit the number of colors. By having a neutral palette, your items are less likely to compete with each other. If you include similar tones or colors, you can put the pieces of your furniture together better than if you had several colors.

If you want to add a touch of color to a neutral palette, you can always add something colorful, such as greenery or brightly colored indoor plants. Get an antique look by designing wooden furniture with other vintage pieces. Surround a reclaimed wood dining table with mid-century chairs or display collected crockery inside a traditional rabbit hutch. Feel free to mix wooden furniture from different eras or from different styles; the aged look will bring together a variety of pieces.

If you're just mixing furniture styles, one of the easiest ways to start is to add contemporary art to a classic room, like this brownstone house in Brooklyn by Jessica Helgerson, or vice versa. Avoid dividing a room so that it looks like one side is in one style and the other side is in another style. Another popular style is the transitional style, which is a mix of traditional and contemporary decor and furniture. It's a classic house from the 1920s with traditional architectural elements, but all the furniture and decor are modern.

The abundant Bowood sofas with skirts, the Bergere chairs, the classic prints on the pillows, the French toilet and the & vintage art mirrors are a classic and traditional style. Here are six tips on how to successfully combine various styles and eras of furniture in the right way.

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