What furniture styles never go out of style?

Classic furniture that will never go out of style Chesterfield Sofa. It's hard not to see a Chesterfield when you see one. Maybe I can blame the fact that I'm over 30 years old or that our current house makes me more inclined to tradition, but over the past few years, my style slowly evolved into a more classic interior design style. It's probably because if I paint a room, I don't want to repaint it in 2 or 3 years just because I followed a passing fad and the trends changed once again.

Use marble-looking tiles on floors or showers, place a marble countertop on a dresser, opt for marble or quartzite countertops that look like marble, or opt for a very economical option by sticking marble contact paper to table tops. If you have real marble, but it needs a good cleaning, here's how to remove stains. If you can't decide between marble and porcelain that looks like marble, here's a guide that will help you. This is a staple in traditional decor, but it's also fun to mix it with more modern-style rooms for juxtaposition.

Chinese ceramics date back to the 17th century, inspired by trade routes between Western Europe and China. It has had an impact on interior design ever since. Of course, I'm not a school-trained interior designer or anything like that, but those are just the 20 things I always see in classic interior design over and over again. Although first used in the gardens of Windsor Castle in 18th century England, these lightweight, portable chairs soon reached even the most picturesque homes.

The design spread so widely that it crossed the Atlantic and became one of the pillars of the American colonies, starting in Philadelphia in the late 18th century. The Windsor chair remains a staple in country and rustic styles, reflecting its origins, but now it blends easily with other design styles thanks to its simple lines and elegant silhouette. Often attributed to Lord Phillip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, and undoubtedly the namesake, the Chesterfield sofa is a timeless addition to any living space. Technically, any sofa with the same backrest and armrests can be called Chesterfield, but most of the time the name evokes the distinctive button upholstery, the arms rolled up and the low base of the seat.

The majestic contours combined with the low profile create a refined and relaxed look, the perfect combination of formal and casual. Although traditionally made of leather, Chesterfield sofas are now upholstered with a variety of fabrics, from velvet to linen. Eero Saarinen's goal of eliminating the slum of legs found under four-legged chairs and tables gave rise to The Pedestal Collection. Also known as the Tulip collection because of their resemblance to the flower, the pieces are a hallmark of mid-century modern design.

However, the Tulip table seems to occupy a favorite position due to its ability to be combined with any design style, in any room. The iconic sculptural curves fit a wide range of table sizes, from coffee tables and side tables to nightstands and dining tables, both indoors and outdoors. There is no more classic rug than an oriental one. The mere look evokes pure timelessness.

Surely the oldest furniture on our list, authentic oriental rugs are knotted by hand in the Middle East and Asian countries, where they date back to 200 C, E. Nowadays, these rugs fit any room style, from contemporary to traditional. By laying the foundations of a space, combining a combination of colors and adding softness to our feet, carpets are the workhorses and the ones that set the tone in our rooms. Classic wooden furniture with traditional or simplistic lines is another design element that I think has great staying power, especially if you choose a nice medium and rich tone of wood (not too light or too dark).

The new Southern-style design is more comfortable and always combines modern and fresh touches, but maintains its sense of classic beauty, charm and grace. If you only have one window on one side of the room, a gold mirror can help balance the space's natural light and maintain a classic style. And just like jeans, even if you can design everything that surrounds it according to trends, the base of the outfit will always be a classic. In the early 19th century, Duncan Phyfe was inspired by English regent and neoclassical styles to create furniture that was a nod to the past, but with updated sophistication for young Americans.

Just like in fashion, the classic combination of black and white will never go out of style in your home. I mentioned before how I made the transition from my country house decoration style to a modern classic style. .

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