What color of wood furniture is in style?

Shadows of light After several years of dark gray and white tones, natural light woods in warm colors are taking center stage. Light wood finishes are trendy everywhere and look exceptional when combined with darker colors such as black and navy blue. If you're not sure what color to go with wood furniture, other shades of wood are usually a safe bet. Wood finishes usually have shades of yellow, orange, red, greyish blue or dark brown.

Decorate with mixed wood furniture by choosing additional decorative pieces that have a similar nuance, even if the finish is much lighter or darker. Unite the scheme with neutral paint colors and natural materials. Lighter woods are part of a larger trend of incorporating natural tones and elements inspired by nature in the home. These highlights bring an organic sense to the space, which has led to the revival of materials such as terracotta and stoneware, along with earthy textures such as wood, says The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Earthy tones and colors such as reds, oranges, yellows and beiges also complement lighter woods. This trend may also be the reason why people also fill their spaces with greenery and foliage. Many people are opting for light wood finishes in places where metal used to be. Furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and consoles, as well as decorative details, such as shelves and even table trays, also present this aesthetic.

The lighter tones of wood in furniture are manifested in organic textures, such as woven and wicker pieces, says Pella Windows and Doors. Wood furniture adds rich character to dining rooms, bedrooms and living areas, but it can also pose a difficult design dilemma. DeWitt perfectly sums up the trend of natural wood by saying: “It's a welcoming time in the world of wood and I don't see it changing anytime soon and for good reason. Sue Kim, director of color marketing at Minwax, relates it to the natural trend and says: “You can highlight the natural beauty of wood by highlighting the veins of wood in showpieces, such as coffee tables, buffets, cabinets and more.

In a bedroom, try placing dark cherry wood furniture with anthracite gray walls to create a cozy cocoon like space. There are purists who stick to traditional wood dyes to highlight the natural beauty of walnut, pine and cherry wood pieces, and there are those who break the rules of tradition by exploring with color. Nowadays, we even see how DIYers recycle and repaint pieces of wood themselves, and many use sanders and strippers to reveal natural wood finishes. Feel free to mix wooden furniture from different eras or from different styles; the aged look will bring together a variety of pieces.

Whether you're working with an inherited family heirloom or a vintage piece that you bought at a good price, decorating with wooden furniture is all about achieving balance. Wooden bedside tables can work as side tables in the living room or as a seating area in a small entryway; just make sure that the height matches the surrounding furniture.

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