What are the three 3 basic types of table set up?

The three most common types of table configuration are formal, informal and basic. Each plate includes utensils and crockery pieces that would normally be used with the corresponding dining style. A quick look at the table and its configuration allows diners to know if they are about to sit down to enjoy a formal meal or if it's a more informal dining experience. The types of tables fall into three main categories: formal, informal and buffet, according to Recipe Tips.

Within each one, there are several possibilities that can vary depending on everything, from geography to family tradition. It's unlikely that you'll set up a table without knowing what you're going to serve your guests, so take the time to plan your table as thoroughly as your menu. The basic configuration of the table is what you probably learned as a child and was given the task of setting the table for dinner. Knowing how to prepare an informal table will be useful when you have the task of knowing how to prepare an informal table for a meeting or a relaxed dinner.

The informal tables include a simple family meal in which each place has a plate, a napkin, basic cutlery and a glass of water in a simplified version of the informal table. The informal table configuration includes a minimum of cutlery; since food is not served on plates, the same fork can be used for several plates and all glass utensils and crockery are placed on the table. Stephanie Sisco, editor of Real Simple Home, says that the biggest difference between an informal table and a formal table is the use of chargers, also known as presentation plates. Bookmark this page so you can easily refer to it while you prepare the table before lunch, or share the diagrams with your children and ask them to prepare the table for dinner.

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