Is purple heart wood expensive?

It's somehow rare, very durable. Purpleheart wood is obviously known for its purple color. Wood (also known as amaranth, violet wood or peltogynous) actually undergoes an evolution of color changes throughout its life. One of only two woods in the world known for its pattern known as a “cobweb”, this unique wood can vary in tones ranging from dark chocolate to a shade of red or purple with darker veins.

Ziricote, the second wood known for its cobweb pattern, is a heavy medium to dark brown wood from Mexico and Central America. Purpleheart wood is prized around the world for its visual appeal, strength and durability, making it the perfect choice for use on panels, floors, durable furniture (tables or tables) or even works of art and the wide variety of specialty wood items. Bocote is an extremely durable wood found in Mexico and is commonly used to make high-quality furniture. Wood is still the most common material on the planet, and its use in everyday life is so widespread that most people don't think twice about the variety or characteristics of the wood they use.

On the other hand, woods with a low specific gravity are not good choices for furniture and it is more difficult to create beautiful and strong joints with them.

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