How often should wooden furniture be polished?

If you want to treat the wood, consider polishing the pieces at least once every six weeks. If you do it more often, you run the risk of damaging the wood veneer and weakening the surface, making your furniture vulnerable to damage. Melissa Maker, brilliant author and creator of Clean My Space (opens in a new tab), recommends cleaning varnished furniture only once a week. To clean and remove dust from the wooden surface, use only water and a microfiber cloth.

And, if your wooden furniture isn't finished, use only a dry cloth, as water can deform the wood. Semi-solid polishes are stable materials as long as they do not include silicone, so this is the preferred method for polishing wooden furniture. Spray polishes are very convenient to use, but they have significant disadvantages in terms of damaging the surfaces of wooden furniture. For wooden furniture to look its best, you'll probably need to perform these four cleaning tasks from time to time.

Accidents aside, industry experts say that consumers should stop worrying about wooden furniture and worry more about fabric-covered pieces. If possible, remove the hardware from the wooden furniture and determine what type of metal it is by testing a magnet against the hardware. Most of us automatically pick up the furniture polish, with the intention of cleaning the dust and brightening the wood at the same time. When cleaning wooden furniture, never use multi-purpose cleaning sprays, such as those used on kitchen tables, unless the furniture has a plastic coating.

Classic wooden furniture never goes out of style and often appears in rustic, vintage, and mid-century modern styles as family heirlooms and flea market finds. If you have used wood sprays and polishes in the past or suspect that furniture has been polished with them, keep in mind that these residues can interfere with the finish and may require professional attention. Dust can cause deposits in the air that eventually accumulate in a layer of film and scratch the surface of wooden furniture. If you have old fine wood furniture or a delicate family heirloom, you'll probably want to treat it with a little more care.

Polish wooden furniture with a soft cloth or a lambswool pad attached to an electric drill or electric shock absorber. Although experts have different opinions about the care of wooden furniture, the technique you use will depend on the finish of the piece. If you see a horrible fungus stain, here's how to clean the mold and how to clean the mold from wooden furniture. Put a spoonful of wood furniture wax, about the size of a golf ball, on a square of 100% cotton fabric.

When it comes to the maintenance of wooden furniture, there are several terms that are used, such as dusting, cleaning, waxing and polishing.

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