How long does wood furniture last outside?

Good patio furniture can last more than 15 years. Some will last longer, others less, but there is no firm schedule. Unlike mattresses, which usually have a replacement deadline after 10 years, patio furniture will last until the elements ruin it, depending on maintenance, materials and climate. Acacia wood outdoor furniture will last for years even without proper maintenance, but it will last for decades if you care for it properly.

To find out how to help our outdoor furniture last for many years, we contacted the furniture professionals at Article for their best advice. Here, Nicole Hunt, director of product development at Article, shares her best tips for choosing a patio set that will stand the test of time.

Solid-wood furniture

lasts an average of 10 to 15 years before it begins to show signs of aging, such as discoloration or cracking. However, there is a difference between regular wooden furniture and heirloom-quality wooden furniture.

Handmade wooden furniture with heirloom quality should last more than a lifetime. In fact, it can last for decades if properly maintained. These types of wooden furniture are more likely to reach the “milestone of antiquity”, meaning that they can last 100 years or more. You can expect teak outdoor furniture to last a lifetime in most cases.

To keep acacia wood furniture looking like new, Hunt recommends covering it to keep excess moisture away. If you have handmade or custom-made wood furniture, be sure to ask the manufacturers what cleaning practices are best for the specific type of wood and piece of furniture. Nowadays, a lot of furniture is made of wood or plastic composites, so it's considered more of a disposable asset, meaning it's bought now, kept for a few years and then thrown away. Without one, acacia outdoor furniture could warp or crack, especially if the wood gets wet without protection at first.

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