How long does high quality furniture last?

It's no secret that better quality parts last longer, typically between 15 and 20 years. The life expectancy of most parts varies by several years and depends largely on the original materials used and the construction of the parts, the amount of daily use and the care taken during the use of the furniture. A couch in a family room with young children, teens, and lots of pets won't last as long as one in a formal living room. If the couch creaks, the cushions sag and all the lumbar support is gone, it's time to buy a new sofa.

Stained, smelly, peeled, or torn upholstery are signs that a replacement or, at least, a new upholstery job is needed. The same replacement guidelines that apply to a sofa also apply to an upholstered chair. One additional thing to consider in recliners is the recline mechanisms. If they no longer work smoothly, it's time to buy a new chair.

Changing tastes, a more mobile society and more furniture price range options come together to create a new average lifespan of furniture.

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