How can you tell if a table is solid wood or veneer?

Solid wood boards look where they fit with other boards. The seams run along the top and sides, while veneers usually use strips of sheet metal on the thinner sides of the furniture. If the table surface has lines on the top but not on the sides, it is probably a sheet metal. If you can see under a piece of furniture, be sure to check the underside.

If you see unfinished wood on the bottom, it's probably real wood and not a veneer or laminate. When you look at the bottom, do you notice that it has the same look and pattern as the wood at the top? Another indication that this piece is made of real wood. A great indicator of solid wood is the dovetail construction. Your furniture may still have veneered fronts, but it's most likely made of solid wood if you see that tab and slot construction where the drawer connects to the front of the drawer.

If the furniture you are considering has delicate and beautifully carved details, you are looking at an authentic and solid piece of wood. In short, solid wood pieces and furniture will end up costing more than veneer instead of MDF or chipboard. So how can you tell if your furniture is made of solid wood rather than laminate or veneered? There are several ways to determine this.

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