How can i tell if a piece of furniture is made of real wood?

Here are six tips to help you spot fake wood and assess its weight. Real wood has a distinctive grain pattern and is not entirely symmetrical. Look for peeling, cracking, and cracking. Real wood pieces won't have new shiny silver screws to hold them together.

Real wood pieces will not come in a box to be assembled. If you see new screws in the joints, edges, sides, or any other point that holds any part of the piece together, it's very likely that it's not real wood. It's almost impossible to take a quick look at a piece of wooden furniture (also known as cases) and find out if it's of quality or not. I had to start my post on How to know if a piece of furniture is made of real wood with one of the easiest tips.

You just need to know that chipped, bubbled or missing veneer is a positive sign that you have real wood furniture and that there are ways to fix it, so don't be scared. I have tried to fix information from your publications several times, after finding the publication on how to know if the furniture is made of real wood on Hometalk, and none of them are fixed. After doing more and more furniture projects, you'll be able to see if a piece is made of real wood or not just by looking at the patina.

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