Can you use murphy's oil soap to clean wood furniture?

Find ingredients and recipes for solutions to clean your wooden floors and furniture in the safest and easiest way for you. Lemon juice mixed with olive oil is an option that is not only effective for wooden furniture and floors, but also has a wonderful scent. If used with a dry cloth, the vinegar can be rubbed on finished wooden furniture to clean it, but be sure to test on a small stain first. Finished hardwood floors now generally require a cleaner specifically formulated for hardwood floor finishes.

The type of cleaning solution you use on your furniture and hardwood floors depends on whether they are finished. It is necessary to use the right cleaning products on wooden furniture and floors to keep them in optimal condition, as the wrong cleaning product or method could damage the finish. Furniture oils and polishes made specifically for wood can help you remove dirt and add a beautiful shine to renew an old finish.

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