Are there any unique features associated with classic furniture styles?

Like Baroque design, Jacobean design tends to be described as luxurious and ornate. The tables, chairs and other furniture are made of rich, dark woods, with intricate details that feature prominently throughout the design. Other common elements include marble chimneys, intricate railings, and silver ceilings and sculptures. The transitional style is a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles.

Simple color schemes, minimal ornamentation, and straight lines are the hallmarks of this style. Transitional furniture also boasts mirrored or glass surfaces, lacquered finishes, varied fabric patterns, and luxurious details. This type of furniture style is sophisticated, yet simple. A highly sought after style in the United States during the 17th and 18th centuries, the colonial furniture style is a mix of Queen Anne and Georgian styles.

Scandinavian-style furniture comes from the traditions and geography of the Northern European countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Popularized by London-based designer George Hepplewhite, this style of furniture became a hit for the first time in the United States between 1765 and 1800. It is a form of the traditional style of furniture that encompasses almost all the styles of the British colonial period. Choosing classic furniture for your interiors means choosing a harmonious and balanced beauty, in which you seem to breathe the same noble and refined air that once permeated the old villas of aristocratic families.

While modern furniture prefers simple, straight lines, traditional furniture tends to use curved ornaments and other intricate designs. The selection of classic Italian furniture is based on a very demanding vision and planning, given the very nature of the style, which requires an elegant, essential and highly balanced result in all macro and microeconomic aspects. But no matter the year, decade, or interior design trend of the moment, traditional furniture styles will always have a place in tasteful homes. The Shabby Chic furniture style became very popular in England in the early 1980s, when the famous designer Rachel Ashwell opened a store with the same name.

As you'll see in the list of furniture styles below, modern and contemporary are actually different types of design in and of themselves. Industrial-style furniture gets its specific style based on design elements popular in old factories and industrial spaces. This interior design style features features from many other styles to evoke the elegance and timelessness that many people love. Today, velvet is still a popular choice for classic furniture upholstery, in addition to leather and linen.

Some of the most popular furniture styles are modern, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, mission style, Art Deco, Victorian, contemporary and industrial. The traditional style tends to favor intense wood tones for any furniture in the bedroom, living room and dining room, but also for kitchen floors and cabinets. The American Empire style of furniture was popular in the United States in the 19th century and is influenced by the French style of furniture.

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