Are there any tips for caring for classic furniture styles?

Wooden furniture gives your space a timeless look, but without proper care, your furniture won't be as timeless. It is true that wooden furniture is often considered more delicate than other types of furniture due to its natural material. Requires regular maintenance to extend its lifespan. On the other hand, even wooden furniture can last for decades if you get used to always cleaning it and keeping it in good condition.

Before you eliminate this type of furniture from your interior design list because you don't know the proper care of furniture, here are 14 quick and easy ways to care for your wooden furniture so that you can enjoy the comfort of wood without problems. Wooden furniture is a classic choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance and warmth to a room. If you want to give a rustic touch to your home, you must be prepared to take care of your wooden furniture so that it will last a long time. Cleaning and maintaining your wooden furniture aren't difficult tasks, but it's important to do it regularly to protect the wood from daily wear and tear.

By following these few guidelines, your furniture will last longer and stay in good condition. How do you care for your wooden furniture? Share your furniture cleaning and maintenance tips below. I have had several hunting furniture over the years: tables and chairs. Unfortunately, our local store closed several years ago.

My only problem is that I have a couple of chairs whose legs have come loose when they are attached to the seat. It has a slit with a wooden wedge that needs to be removed and reinforced. The exclusive directory for Remodelista members of architects, designers and landscape professionals. Are you going anywhere? Hotels, restaurants and stores that appear in Remodelista.

The ever-elegant Lee Stanton is a long-time collector and supplier of British and European antiques. After years in the furniture care product business that he was hesitant to recommend to customers, Stanton decided to create his own line, CircaCare. As he tells us: “I think that these safer products are an important achievement in my career. Now my clients can properly maintain their treasured items.

Vitamin-enriched products, including cleansing serums, polishing creams and protective balms, use only natural, non-toxic ingredients. Here he shares his tips on how best to maintain wooden, antique and other furniture. Many fine furniture that has survived for centuries without heating has been severely damaged by just one or two winters of central heating. The reason for this is that antique and fine handmade furniture is constructed with air-dried wood and has a much higher water content than modern mass-produced furniture, which is generally made of kiln-dried wood.

When subjected to low levels of relative humidity, air-dried wood gradually loses moisture and begins to shrink and split along the grain. This is compounded when the underlying pieces of wood used in construction are placed at right angles to each other and then veneered on top. The wood in the housing moves and, as a result, the sheet metal breaks and rises, and the parts can come off. If this were to happen, make sure that these lost pieces are preserved for restoration.

Stores, hotels, restaurants and points of interest for home and garden lovers. Classic wooden furniture never goes out of style and often appears in rustic, vintage, and mid-century modern styles, such as family heirlooms and flea market finds. Wooden furniture gives your space a timeless look, but without proper care, your furniture won't be as timeless. Keep reading to learn how to clean dirt from wooden furniture, plus care tips for keeping decades-old pieces of wooden furniture looking new.


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