Are there any special considerations when moving wooden dining room furniture?

Dining room furniture is often bulky, and each piece will come with its own unique set of packing and moving considerations. If you're thinking of hiring a professional moving service, call at least three potential moving companies to request a quote before signing a contract. Be clear about the amount of things you need to move, as well as any special considerations you may have in mind, such as glass tables or antique pieces, so that they can give you an accurate quote and bring the necessary supplies, so you can avoid any additional charges or damaged items. On top of that, dining room furniture can be old or new, and can be made of just about anything, from antique wooden tables to elegant modern pieces of metal or glass.

When it comes to packing, moving, or shipping your dining room furniture, each piece and each type of material used will require its own set of special considerations. Here's what makes dining sets so difficult to ship, and what you can do to keep your furniture safe throughout the moving process. Leave about 24 inches between each chair to avoid side-to-side collisions while residents are dining or moving chairs away from the table. Back-to-back space between chairs can vary depending on how far each resident sits from the table, but an average of 24 inches between two seated diners is usually sufficient.

Of course, the distance should increase if your resident population normally requires more space to walk, considering the potential risks of trips and falls. Also leave at least 60 inches between service areas and dining areas so that residents can easily get around. When moving a dining set over long distances or across difficult terrain, several special considerations need to be considered. It is important to use a dining table protector to prevent damage during the move.

In addition, it is better to empty all drawers and compartments and secure them with adhesive tape before moving them. Disassembling the chairs can make them take up more space and are easier to transport. Make sure that all rugs, rugs, baskets and knick-knacks are raised off the floor before moving them to furniture and, if possible, remove the legs from the tables and wrap them individually. That's why it's so important to know how to properly move a dining room table and chairs to ensure that nothing gets damaged and ends up needing costly repairs.

When moving a dining room over long distances or difficult terrain, several special considerations must be considered. If your dining set is comprised of several items or is old, valuable, or fragile, moving professionals will be better equipped to handle these items. In some homes, the dining table is only used for special occasions and is sometimes a prized relic that has been passed down from generation to generation. For long-distance moves, consolidated cargo is the safest option for antique or traditional dining room furniture.

The dining room is often one of the least used rooms in a house, making it a great place to start packing for your next move. Once you've ordered, you can move on to items that can break, such as any fine porcelain or glass cup you have stored in your dining room. Dining room furniture is bulky and heavy, and these pieces are also often heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation, making them even more difficult to move. If you're hiring a professional moving service, be prepared with the size and a rough idea of how much your dining room furniture weighs when you call for a quote so that it will arrive with the right materials and packaging equipment.

Antique dining sets or traditional pieces can be especially fragile or have existing damage that could be compounded by the rigors of the moving process. Qualified moving professionals will also be equipped to handle fragile or valuable items, and will have the experience needed to manage large, bulky furniture, such as your dining room set. The best way to protect dining room furniture, especially old or antique furniture, is to pack it properly and work with professional moving companies or transportation companies that have experience handling antique items. .

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